Monday, May 28, 2018

Some(what) Normal Stuff

Abigail can finally wear the hair clip that Andrew bought her right after she was born.

But she pulls it out a lot.

Playing with daddy. Not sure what the game is...

Going shopping or practicing to be a flower girl?

Small but mighty

Alexander beat his memory adventure

Andrew typing

And making cover art

We finished our science book on astronomy

Final project was to make a model of the solar system

We settled for flat poster models since we don't live anywhere near a Hobby Lobby

And this is Abigail's Universe where everything is pink and purple

Abigail goes running down stairs yelling,
"It's time for Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggle Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggle!"

English Session

Long health check lines

Mommy says, "Look at the pretty Abigail!"
Abigail says, "Look a pretty Mommy!"

Mother's day flowers

Very predictable in her color choices

Playing feed the kitty with Alexander

Playing Pyramix with Aaron

He is really good at thinking about moves far into the future!

Mango banana smoothies with yogurt and pumpkin

Purple "greens"
Any green thumbs know what they really are called?

Reading buddies

Baby do it

"OK, now you read baby stories."

Safety net

Science experiment

Rocket propulsion

Watching Toy Story!
Thanks Grandpa!

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