Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Last Week in Pictures

Aaron learning how to cook bacon

Tell Abigail a letter and she can find it every time!

One on one time

Abigail drawing

Helping to clean the floor

Alexander's personal shelf

Andrew working through the drawing sea creatures book from
the grandparents

Giant party behind us!
They literally cleaned that (recycling) dump up for it. :)

Friends made us amazing jiao zi


Grateful for washer repair men that only cost $7.50 for labor and parts

Summer haircuts


Our first fortune cookie here

Ironically a Chips Ahoy!


Pumpkin soup girl

This is still amazing all natural color

Trip to the KFC in QJ

Some of the funniest Chinglish we've seen in a long time on the bathroom doors.
Follow the trend? How about set the trend!

Looks like we don't have to tell you to get down and relax
(only squatty potties here there is no other way)

Inside of stall door
A lot of big ideas come from small places

Ice cream!

Return trip

Saturday morning fun

Can you see the home in this picture?
The bedroom?

Getting our pictures taken


Summer read-aloud

Our kids are so sweet sometimes!
For our anniversary the boys went to the little shop
 and each bought us an anniversary present. :)

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