Sunday, July 15, 2018

Grandparent's Visit

We were so excited to have the grandparents visit. They made it back safely over a week ago, but we're still trying to recover from the fun we had and regular life craziness, so here are a few of the pictures from the visit now.

Aaron's 10th Birthday!

Grandma Sharla and Grandpa John brought all kinds of wonderful presents

Aaron building his birthday robot

Playing a birthday game from Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Mary

One of our kids from our English sessions gave us some
of the traditional Dragon Boat Festival food called zòng zi (粽子).

This version was made with sticky purple rice and red beans,
and was tastier that some other versions we've had in the past.

The biggest adventure we had was taking a riverboat ride at the 3 Gorges

The scenery is really beautiful

This was the bathrooms by the parking lot.
If you were to guess how to interpret the sign kid with basketball,
what would that mean to you?

Western children's potty is the correct answer

The grandparents brought everyone new clothes.
Abigail appreciated that gift the most.

We went to a new restaurant that opened recently in town

Caleb's pizza

The cheese pizza was pretty good

We also got the meat party platter, which we thought would have
chicken nuggets, but they were mushroom nuggets

It took a while to convince them that we really did want plain,
salty not sweet, cheese pizza, but when it came it was pretty good.

The meat lovers stuffed crust wasn't as good.
The crust was stuffed with pumpkin.

Definitely edible and OK, just not something we'd order again.

All eight of us in our car

After pizza we went to the forest park nearby

Giant teeter-totter

Grandpa John giving rides

Grandma Sharla doing the magic carpet ride game

It also got combined with the knock Grandma down game

The grandparents brought supplies so the kids could each create their own games.

And lots of other games were played

Making cookies

More cookies

Piano lessons with games!

Playing Busytown

One of the favorite new things to do was play football against
the grandparents

They took them to a playplace

Reading and painting

More reading

Shirts Grandma made

4th of July fun

Getting the grandkids ice cream

Princess Abigail

Watching movies

Group picture on the 4th of July!
Such a great visit! Thanks for coming!

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