Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer Joys

Nate took all the kids to the abandoned parking lot for bike riding

BLT salad!

Our grocery store's bulk tea section

Best kids ever.
Announced it was chicken salad for dinner and heard the following:
"It's happiness all over."
"It's the best dinner!"
"I love it."
Maybe eating meat not that often makes you appreciate it that much more.

Ice cream!

“Ice cream for baby! How WONDERFUL! It’s happiness all over!”
-- Abigail

Flower iced tea

Playing Forbidden Desert

He says he wants to sell his paintings for a lot of money when he
gets back to the States, so grandparents be forewarned.

Play Magnus!

Playing outside

Playing stuffed animals

Raspberry ice cream

Reading together
"No, don't stop now!!! Another one story! Another one story!"

Science experiment: Creating a Scale

Putting in coins

US pennies marked in brown on the right side

Jiao marked in silver on the left

Lastly suckers marked in red.
Ironically jiao weigh about 1.5 times as much as pennies and are still worth roughly that much.
And suckers weighed about 5 jiao each, which is about how much they cost.

We've had a lot of rainstorms lately.
It is keeping the temperature nice and cool.

Poetry tea time

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