Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ivanhoe, Robin Hood, and Other Valiant Knights

Alexander made another game

Monster camp attack

Andrew is getting really good at riding around our first floor without training wheels.

Big doings out back

BLT eggs

Cool moon

Cucumber smile

End of summer and back to school English session

Break time

Ghost festival here so lots of people burning things

Popsicles are the preferred way to study the solid state of matter

Grassy hill archery

I like how you can just see the city in the distance

History project:
What do you think about the proverb: If your sword is too short take a step forward?
Aaron's answer above

Andrew's adaptation

Alexander's interpretation

"I was just walking to the bathroom and the bed ended up like that."
Life with boys, walking to the bathroom= running, jumping, and rolling, and
possibly attacking an invisible army on the way.

It's a good day when coffee gets delivered

We finally had our Ivanhoe book club party

Target cake in honor of own of the first books to clearly present
the familiar Robin hood tales.

Nate made this bow and arrow and took the kids out to the grassy hill
to do most of the games, but we had some inside as well.

He looks fierce!

Abigail get in on the action too.
Although she spent most of the time sniffing the feathered "arrow"
I made for the cake and calling it a flower.

Girls and boys sure are different.
Girls turn weapons into flowers and accessories.
Boys turn flowers and accessories into weapons.

New piano getting lots of use

Little park fun

Power outage fun

Glow sticks

And shadow fight

Programming lesson

Reading Kingdom's edge at night

Science experiment

Seeing three states of matter at once

Two little piggies went to market,
we'll spare you the rest...

Abigail is such a funny little mommy

All these stuffies got in trouble and she lined them up for discipline.

Also, she is so like Aaron in that she loves to line things up on these couple of steps.

One more book fun experience this week.
Watching the Sugar Creek Gang Swamp Robber after
reading the book and comparing the two.
Below are the boys observations.

Alexander's Report

the daddy got druk

there was circus

and bill colins

Charlotte ann was a baby

little jim was there

bill collins picked flowers


one time poetry was as fat as a barrel

big jim had a rusty cup

they slept in a tent

Andrew's Report

poetry steals bill's and dragonfly's colthes
bill catches big worms
the robber had dark hair
charlot ann was a baby
big jim had a mustash
"how are we sopoust to get our colthes back?" PLUNK!
old man padlers story
 barry boyland had a gun beceause he had heard that ther were bears in the swamp

Aaron's Report:


1.They find Old Man Paddler in his cabin, and his story’s the same.

2.Barry Boyland’s story was the same, with the gun, the story about the bears and the treasure.

3.They caught the robber in almost the same way.


1. Circus is not a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. It was Poetry that did the ghost trick.

3.They were not actively trying to hide what they did from their parents.


1.This may sound silly, but I liked everything except that circus was a girl and they were trying to hide what they did from their parents.

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