Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Catch Up

Here is some pictures from February.

Using walkie-talkies while buying fruit.

Making peanut butter

Going to a friends house for New year dinner.

Valentine's Day

Scratch off coupons

Younger brothers got Aaron a dart board

Chocolate truffle cheesecake with strawberries and whip cream
Just to make sure we're covering all the bases.

Breakfast in a basket

"Tie me up mommy!"

Best husband ever

Aaron's gift to mom was an interactive card
where you had to match the essential oil to the correct use
to see the message.
Really creative!

Aaron made an interactive card with Sam for Alexander

Andrew bought this dino grabber for Alexander

Baking to get ready for grandpa

Big helpers

Andrew says, " Why do I have to do 90% of all work around here?"
While Aaron is moving couches and he has to take a few toys downstairs.

These two are really big helpers though

We had a Knight's of the Round Table book club party

About the Wilderking Trilogy

All three boys really loved this medieval fantasy retelling of David's life
told with a southern accent.

"Mom, I have a surprise for you! Dirty hands!"

Playing games

Nightly testosterone release

Also the safest place for Abigail during the saving the ninja game
and the only time she is allowed to do that.

Let's take silly pictures mom!

Andrew's present for dad

Abigail is getting really hilarious these days.
"This is my wedding curtain."


"See it is a good wedding curtain."

She might be a little to ready to walk down the aisle

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  1. So much good stuff in this update! You guys are doing and making so many cool things!