Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Catching Up Part 2: Grandpa Jeff's Visit

 Here are pictures from Grandpa's recent visit. So much fun!

(Multiple cameras and picture-takers are making this post more out of order than most.)
Grandpa decided he was going to be the orange grandpa so we got
all the orange things we could find.

The boys put on a Bear Show

Fun things at the big park

"Don't drive me grandpa!"

A reason to fly across the ocean

Buying plants and pots

"Look at that couch!"
(You've lived here a while if you think that's a couch.)

Orange cake for Grandpa's Day

Big adventure climbing to the little house on the hill

This guy followed the adventurers a long way

Little park

"Where's Andrew?"

Morning time--we're keeping it really real here

Strawberry picking

Sunrise pictures

Friends house for a traditional meal

Corn ice cream bar

Apparently we are quite intense when we watch Snow White

Watergun war

All the orange food is grandpa's

Cookie pizzas

We did an experiment where we dropped an egg 4 stories to the ground
with a parachute.
Here is the prototype.

Kids decided to send a few stuffed animals each back ahead of time
with Grandpa.
Andrew came up with the idea of writing goodbye letters to them.

Abigail wearing her new pink shoes.

This game is called how many things can we make one grandpa do at once

Art lessons

Andrew had lots of fun learning from Grandpa

Egg parachute adventure

Tackling grandpa

Learning the knock grandpa's clothes down game

Paper planes

Sharing chips

Same strawberry picking, different camera

More little house on the hill adventure photos

The building was used for a TV station relay center a long time ago

Buying plants and pots

While doing errands they randomly found peacocks and...

A camel!

The older two got to ride it

Big boys playing on the big teeter-totter

Thankfully, no one was injured 

Making cookie pizzas

Lots of games were played

Big girl pigtails!
(And these were the three animals she decided to send back to the states all on her own.)

Planting with grandpa

"That silly grandpa!"

Making a new game called Oligarchy 
Grandpa creating cards for the game

Grandpa bought all the kids waterguns. And one for himself.
And he made a rule: no shooting in the face.

Trip to the zoo

Pandas got a little out of control

The kids were so happy their friends could meet them there.

The younger two kids got to ride Illamas since they missed the camels

And all the kids got to feed tigers,
because that is something unique to do here.

Andrew got the tiger to jump for him

They also all got to pet baby tigers

Cheeseburgers at the airport!

It's tough to say goodbye

"Is grandpa upstairs?
Is he at the hotel?
Why did he have to go back to grandma and the peach trees?
Can I have more chocolate truffles and hearts?"

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