Saturday, June 29, 2019

Aaron's Birthday

June ended up being a bit crazy over here, so I'm still attempting to catch up. I'm posting pictures just related to Aaron's birthday first as I know many people missed celebrating with him in person.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make Aaron's birthday so happy. Because of some other things going on, Aaron's birthday celebration got started a couple of days early, and I still need to make him homemade ice cream-more than a week later.

He did get plenty of celebrating even though it was spread over many days.

Birthday festivities started a few days early with the opening of the air soccer game.

And the opening of ebooks and a movie

Birthday breakfast

Alexander made these decorations based off of the book below

This is the book that Aaron wanted for the theme of his birthday

He also got the rest of the ebooks in that series and a movie from the other grandparents.
Somehow we didn't get a picture of that though.

Playing games.
Nate took half a day off of work just to play.

This is a game the kids call invaders, where they try to get the balloons with nerf darts before they fall.

Mom also organized a water balloon battle.

And they got to use their super-soakers from grandpa

They had such fun.
And a local grandma told me they were all going to get sick (colds) from
the cold water on their heads.
It was in the 80s so I don't think there was actually much danger.

Alexander really like soaking mom.
This is the only random picture I got of me though, as I had to put down the camera to
get wet.

In the Prince Warriors you are supposed to go through the water with the Aleph
quickly to get your armor.

We let him light his own firework candle.

I made Aaron bean bags for his birthday

And a couple of days after his birthday, Nate helped Aaron
make a wooden goal for a bean bag game.

A friend here also gave Aaron this, so Aaron has been building a dragon.

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