Saturday, June 29, 2019

June Recap

We had a busy month. Here are some snapshots of it.

The kids had two weeks off of school for summer break in June so they did some different things.

Playing games

Alexander loves to write.
Write on paper, write on the computer, write  on the ABC game.

Abigail can play this game by reading words we make.

Alexander made this but signed it Abigail, trying to give her more things to read

Abigail's goodies and games.

"Let's play All Queens. It's a girl one!"

Abigail loves to try to help

Alexander working on his book

Andrew art

Andrew Xtra math

Nate took the kids biking to the phone company one weekend

Blanket tent!

Father's Day

We ordered Australian (beef) hamburgers and they were really good.

Raspberry picking adventure

Kids decided to build a  Rube Goldberg machine

It worked OK, if you count Andrew as part of the machinery

Andrew loves swinging on the rings

Trip into a big city for paperwork

First order of business was to find an office that moved into this residential
apartment complex.
Sure doesn't look like the right place, but he found it after a while.

Meanwhile I watched the kids at KFC,
feeding them sausage biscuits for first breakfast,
and waiting as they counted down the minutes until french fries
became available for the day.

Then we had to get our pictures taken.
This guy is really good and has the system down pat,
so a complicated process times 6 of us isn't too bad.
Also, he remembers us every year...
This year we asked if he knew any other foreigners with lots of kids.
He said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, there is another family that has two."

Then we have to all go make our in person appearance for our paperwork renewal.

Think something got lost in translation

Aaron going over opening lines during the wait time

They accepted our applications!
Always so good to get this rather daunting task done.

Back to KFC for lunch and to let the kids run around before the long van ride home.

We got Pizza Hut pizza to go for dinner.
And Nate succeeded in ordering Pizza Hut completely out of pizza.
We have ordered so many restaurants out of food!

Ride back

Poor Abigail feel asleep at dinner

Another day she set all her babies up and made food for them


Recovering after the stomach flu.
We all got a little bit sick at one time or another this past month,
but charcoal really did seem to help keep some of us from actually puking.

Sewing cards

We have some really big bugs here

Abigail was trying to fill up the puddle

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