Saturday, August 31, 2019

End of August

4 player chess is really popular around here now.

Abigail is a good helper at laundry when she wants to be

Here she has her own laundry bin and is folding all of the hankies

She also really likes to hang up her dress up clothes.
She would like a closet


Sticky honey

Pooh bear Abigail

Abigail just watched a video where the girl had a feather boa.
Now she likes this fluffy scarf a friend made even more and is calling it
her feather boa.

Abigail's letter to the grandparents

Alexander was getting long smiley face strings on Xtra math and then he
beat multiplication

Alexander made a word search

Brown and blue eggs

Minecraft convention

New high score for Alexander

Really big pink picnic

Red heart kiwi

Sparkly toes

Signs of fall: changing leaves

Our summer has been so mild that I don't think we want to see it go,
but we are seeing signs that fall is coming.
This is about all the leaf changing that happens around here,
but these are already red.

We found this super cool fall pears!

Striped and spotted at the same time

What signs of fall are you seeing?

Starting off the day right pink

It is the same thing for her

Time for a hair trim

Encouraging Abigail to read everywhere

Flowers for mom

Friends brought us bread, so we had yummy grilled cheese!

Grassy hill

Making a lean-to

Hiking to the old fort

Recent monthly trip to Walmart
All the other lanes are still closed

And we need three carts.
Also, it is strangely exciting to see things like "normal" sized carts again.

We got it all to fit in the car and still get all the people in, but just barely

Abigail's good chopstick skills

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