Sunday, August 11, 2019

Summer Fun

We took another week off of school. Also had some adventures and friends over!

Abigail helping to dry dishes

The power to our whole house blew up,
but at least getting an electrician to fix it is cheap here.

On the week off of school I did a bunch of cleaning.

On the school break, I kept getting asked things like,
"Can I please play four player chess?"


Summer salad

Super Andrew

Walmart adventure

We did even find some sandwich stuff at Walmart,
even sort of french bread.

Aaron cracking pistachios

Abigail drew her family.
I think this might be her first drawing of people.

So I might have been doing too much online shopping lately because...
Abigail keeps typing things into computers and tablets and saying
that she is ordering mommy a baby.
She found the emojis on Andrew's tablet and she would say
"I'm changing the baby's head."
I do like customization options.
She says the babies are all coming on my birthday. Not sure about that.

Alexander drew his castle plans for when he grows up and rules his city-state

Alexander the Greater Grater

We've been reading a book called the Wazzlewoods and Alexander made a game based off of it

Andrew's castle

We let the kids build a castle on the first floor

Then we had to get rid of all of the cardboard, so we let the kids sell it.

We made about $4

Enough to go get ice cream bars for each kids twice

Aaron and Andrew have been working on a game called Forbidden Jungle

Andrew and Aaron are a mighty duo in four player chess

Alexander asked me to play chess with him.
I was really just seeing how long I could put off losing,
when I won by accident.
At least he wasn't too said.

We got the kids 3D puzzles to put together when their friends were here.

We were cleaning the house before our friends came and Alexander says,
"Mopping is good lance training."

Me in my really cool night-time glasses and Abigail in hers.

Working on projects

Princess exercises

Playing with friends.
All the kids had so much fun.

Abigail kept saying,
"The brothers aren't sharing the friends.
Can the big girl color with me now?"
In the end everyone played with Abigail a lot too.

Riding a real sized cart

Restaurant after we demolished a bunch of food our friends treated us to

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