Saturday, February 15, 2020

Lovely Pictures

Almost everything is closed right now

Abigail has three nice brothers who all read to her.

Dear Grandparents,
The canola looks pretty good now, even through the snow, so we might be going out to look at it sometime. The weather has been pretty nice, so we went on a picnic yesterday at the Grassy Hill. We're getting ready for Valentine's Day, and we ordered some food and eggs.
Happy Valentines Day!
Love, Aaron.

We got some pictures in the canola fields.

We found some four-leaf clovers on Valentine's day.

We went to the little park to play.

The boys had wanted some extra strong gum.
We gave it to them for Valentine's Day.

Boy valentine's presents.

Valentine's breakfast


Valentine's pancakes

They made mommy valentine's too!

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