Saturday, March 7, 2020

Recent Pictures

Abigail is reading quite well now!

Grassy Hill Fun

Making stairs on the hill path

Playing at the little park

Because of some of the craziness here, we've been ordering all our groceries lately.

And apparently if you put all of the leafy greens we usually eat in a week into one bag...
it turns out we eat about a garbage bag of greens each week.

Easter countdown eggs

Going on a picnic


Leap Day

Fri, Feb 28, 1:59 PM (8 days ago)
to me
Dear Grandparents,
The shops have started to open, so the virus's craziness is starting to die down. We're preparing for Easter here, and we set our calendar up. The weather is cold here, but maybe it will start to warm up in the spring. For geography this week we are learning the major cites in Europe, like Rome and Paris and London. I managed to learn them all. We're also learning about the tides in our other geography, about how the moon pulls the tides.
Fri, Mar 6, 4:29 PM (1 day ago)
Dear Grandparents,
Omo had her baby recently. She called him John. In Chinese she called him a name that translates to "grace" in English. So far, they've been fine. Abigail is doing much better in her reading now. She can almost read some small books all by herself. The weather dropped for a little while here, but the sun came back. When we went on a picnic to the Grassy Hill, there were lots of new leaves on the trees, and some flowering bushes. The trees are going to be wearing green for Saint Patrick's day, it seems like, and lots of new flowers are growing up, even though the canola is fading. There were also lots of birds singing, so it seems that spring is here.

Aaron's math is getting really difficult.
He still did amazing on this week's test.

Abigail cutting practice

Great job Alexander!

Dark chocolate avocado pudding!
So Good!

Easter countdown

Geography experiment showing the moon's pull on the earth's waters, which creates tides.

The kids made their own "TV" and "TV shows/movies" 

Leap Day Food

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