Sunday, April 19, 2020

Recent Pictures

Abigail chess

One of the free online offers we've used right now has been
a cooking class trial.

It taught the kids various levels of cutting techniques

Cooking class: scrambled eggs

Helping me clean the suitcases
"Do you 'spect me to clean all of these?"
No I expect to clean many of them myself. You asked to help.

Jumping for joy

Vegetables we bought online

Fruit delivered from a local seller
Fri, Apr 3, 3:29 PM

Dear Grandparents,
Around here the cleanup crew has been destroying things and bulldozing things like farms and all the sidewalks. They hit a pipe twice and we filled up the pots and stuff. The weather has been pretty cloudy, so we didn't want to go outside at all. Mom is planning to do big stuff for Abigail's birthday, and she's getting excited about her birthday and Easter.
Happy Easter!

Aaron made this meal by himself

UE4 with Dad

Baskets and egg hunts

Looked more real online

From the grandparents

Dad hid them as sneakily as Grandpa Jeff.
And it left the big boys wondering if they had to dismantle things to find their baskets.

Nate took the kids on a bike ride

4 player chess

Aaron learning how to brown ground beef

Abigail and her birthday card

Ping pong

After her birthday Abigail watched Aristocats and then the next day...
I found her singing "Every-bo-dy,Every-bo-dy,Every-bo-dy, wants to be a girl!"
with all her dolls.

Alexander won his first game

Andrew's planning for the future started with making logos

Kids made all the parts of this taco salad dinner


Bought fruit for the first time in person in months

Dying eggs

Got fruit from a roadside seller again

Kerball Space Program moon 

We made sugar cookies

Our one attempt at a non-food holiday craft.
Aaron's looks about as good as Mom's,
but the blue really blends in.
Abigail and Alexander win for creativity though.

We recycled a bunch of things we don't need anymore.
The kids helped carry.

Sunny picnic at the grassy hill

They jack-hammered our ramp and took it away.
So we had to order new ramps to be able to get our car out of our

Trying to beat Grandpa Jeff at the "Who has the most candy game?"
I think we lost.
I also think Caberry creme eggs cost less than 2USD each where he lives.

Ready to go on our walking lunch.
We take our smoothies and granola bars out for a walk around the neighborhood.

We got everyone a special journal

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