Saturday, June 13, 2020


Big ball game

City under construction


Fierce Bunny Ballerina

Goodies and games

Grassy hill adventure

Great computer shop where they can build a you a custom power supply!

Lion rider

Next Generation of Food

Making of Eleanor's Adventures

Abigail is too cool

First time Alexander made it up the tree by himself

Water fun

Alexander took a picture of our wall and then made a virtual gallery wall

Finished product

Andre in his natural habitat

Aww a baby watermelon

The baby watermelon wasn't tasty, but this one was!


Goodies and Games

Jiao zi party

They barbecued as well

Lots of photo ops

The kids actually had a lot of fun playing games with the other games

Andrew winning at the freeze game

Duck, duck, goose
or should we say
Yā, yā, é

Abigail really liked the girl she was sitting next to in this picture

Lots of water fun

New product we saw but didn't purchase

Kids are all doing a reading challenge


Walking by our old business

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