Sunday, June 21, 2020

Recent Pictures, Father's Day, and Aaron's Birthday

Thanks to all who helped to make Aaron's birthday special. Here are pictures from the last week and especially a bunch from Aaron's birthday. None are in chronological order.

Playing outside

Aaron's birthday moon cake

Dark moon cake and sun colored caramel ice cream

We got 12 firework candles for Aaron

Abigail's Kinder Egg

With a star butterfly clip

Aaron's birthday breakfast

Eclipse pops

Father-son calculator video games

Father's day banner

Happy Father's Day!
Dad and kids

Funny words show

Getting ready for Aaron's birthday

Licking the cake bowl

Kerbal space game

Magic jawbreaker pop


Star crowns


Kids thought the eclipse glasses were like moving glasses and wanted snacks

The kids also wanted to be even more like Grandpa Jeff and had some Tang

And popcorn!

Treasure hunt

Treat bags

Opening presents

Watching the annular solar eclipse

Water balloon fight

Nate taking advantage of the 4th floor to drop water balloons down

Randomly we got somebody else's balloon and it said solar on it

The kids decided it was a special eclipse balloon

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