Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Andrew is 3 1/2 Years Old!

I'm 3 1/2 Today!

And I finished McGuffey's 1st Reader!

McGuffey's 1st Reader

I finished this BIG Book Today! Now I can read all of the printed words and most of the cursive.

There was a story about a girl picking flowers. She saved the best flowers for Grandma. I'd do that too. I like that story and the ones about animals.

There was a story about Chippy the chicken who tries to do what his Mommy says and gets a piece of bread.

I also like the stories about cats and dogs.

The End

(Love, Andrew)
Chippy the chicken

Dear Grandparents (and all my other family too),

Today I am 3 and 1/2 years old!

Today I played Browser Quest. I fought the Big Final Boss and I won!

I like to play Thomas trains, especially with Uncle Ben.

I like to build with blocks. I built a BIG house for Grandpa.

I love my Mommy and I love to give her kisses.

I like to wrestle and play games like chess with Daddy. I especially like to play farmer and the piggies with the chess pieces with Daddy.

I like to read. It is one of my favorite things to do with Grandma. (I also like to drink water with Grandma).

Some of my favorite books to read are about Thomas, Winnie the Pooh, Froggy, and the Magic School Bus.

I also like to play with toys. I give baby Alexander toys sometimes. Sometimes I play trains or jump on the couch with Aaron.

My favorite foods are sandwiches, pizza, bananas, ice cream, and cookies.

Today my favorite color is orange.

My Favorite animal is a bear.

I love my family so much.


(AKA Andrew)

I like swords too. These are FIGHTING SWORDS!!!


  1. Hi Andrew -

    I'm glad you just turned 3 and a half. You are getting so big! I hope I can play more Thomas trains with you someday soon.

    I love your picture of fighting swords!

    Love, Uncle Ben

  2. Thanks Uncle Ben. Happy Birthday Uncle Ben. I'm eating pretend ice cream and making a pretend cake.

  3. Happy 3 1/2 birthday, Andrew! From me and from my kitty cat, Teddy! You can do so many things now! Don't grow up too fast!