Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Last Day of Being 4

Hi Family,

I finished Beowulf before I turned five. I am working on a report, and I'll post it soon.

I like playing Browser Quest and going to the beach in that game. I like beating the final boss.

My most favorite color is red.

My favorite foods are grilled cheese, pizza, popsicles, and ice cream.

I like to play chess. I also like to make other games with the chess pieces. I even like making Browser Quest with the chess pieces.

I like playing checkers and reverse checkers. I like playing Chutes and Ladders with Andrew.

I have been reading lots of Woof books lately. I started reading Pilgrim's Progress with Daddy today. I also like reading the big Winnie the Pooh and Thomas books.

Lately my favorite movies to watch have been The Tigger Movie and Calling all Engines.

Sometimes we play pretend computer games in the living room with Daddy. We usually say he is the final boss, and the most difficult to beat. But if you have the golden sword, you can beat him with only one Firefox potion.

I love you all so much. I am excited to turn five years old tomorrow.




  1. Happy birthday tomorrow! Don't grow up too fast! We will talk to you soon!

  2. Happy birthday Aaron! It sounds like fun to play pretend computer games with your Daddy! You are all so creative!

    Grandma Sharla