Saturday, February 22, 2014

Patriotic Fun Week

Andrew acting out his own book How to Catch a Dragon

At the park

Authorised? Reseller

Baby loves to join in any game

Baby was so happy about his new bunny diapers

Little climber


Flat screen monitor in bamboo basket

George Washington pancakes

Little friend

Luoping walking district

Making flag garland

My Homart

Pointy corn?

Making presidential hats

Presidential trivia so fun! But it was all over the house,
and our landlords chose that Tuesday to come in and check the water meter.
Like we aren't weird enough normally. ;)

3 wheel motorcycle cart ride home,
after discovering buses stop running early here.

Told the boys about 6 flags reading challenge,
and Aaron tried to do all of the reading in the first day to earn a ticket.

We found chicken nuggets and french fries in town!

Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln singing the
all of the presidents' song

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  1. Entirely too cute!!! Hugs and kisses to all!