Saturday, February 15, 2014

What a Lovely Week

Aaron went grocery shopping alone with dad

He spent a kuai from his bank

He said, "I was a little squished on the way home, but shopping was a lot of fun."

One day at dinner, Alexander decided to drink his beans.

He loved it.

Flashbacks from Caleb's (in)famous bean scene anyone?

Alexander likes his new pom-pom stuff-it toy.

It keeps him busy minutes at a time.

Alexander (and Andrew) have recently developed a love of plain, raw tomatoes

Aaron and Nate made a treasure hunt for Mommy, filled with chocolate and paper hearts.

But all of the boys helped. Andrew writes the cutest love letters.

Andrew writing love notes to everyone.

In the middle of the Valentine's Day treasure hunt Andrew says, "I want to give you kisses Mommy." {Aww, melt my heart}

Candy building!

Chocolate lasagna

Eat your heart out!

Homemade gumdrop heart/flowers

I love you!

This much!

Love bugs

Making candy necklaces

Making love note wreath

Andrew worked very heard doing his hearts "all by himself."

Even baby wanted write a note


Oh the wonder of pink balloons!

Now run around throwing your love bugs at each other!

Strawberry muffins

Making paper/egg carton love bugs

Aaron's finished love bugs

Andrew's finished love bugs

And mommy's love bugs

Playing with peppermint play dough.

Heart sewing card

Strawberries and strawberry stuffed sweet rolls

Baby can sword fight

The much anticipated Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt begins!

Quick where is the treasure

I found some presents!

We love you all! Thanks for sharing in our lives!

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  1. Wow! What a great week! Looks like you did a lot of things and had a lot of fun! Great job!