Saturday, February 8, 2014

This Week

Took videos of Aaron reading for reading card promo videos. Look how big he is now!

Messy from dirt cake

Growing in Love


Tent with door

Andrew build everyone "tree houses" on our bed. Mommy and Andrew's were green brick and Daddy's was black straw.

Attack of the groundhog!

Groundhog dirt cake

Mmm I like (edible) playdough

Edible play dough groundhog

Groundhog pancakes

Groundhog puppet masters

Look mom, I can paint too!
Aaron and his play dough lamprey

Aaron is always building

Alexander decided to set the table

Alexander loves to color!

Andrew and his play dough tiger shark

The boys built another tent

And Aaron was practicing tying knots

Daddy makes the best Hiro voice

By Aaron



The Story of Groundhog Day by Aaron

Groundhog Story by Andrew

Another groundhog and rocket, because mom wasn't drawing them fast enough.

Making cookies, color sorting

Making cookies

A very bad day to want to take a train

So pretty

The boys went out to play and brought mommy back flowers they picked. Andrew said, "It's a yellow garden of love for you Mom!"

"What's up Dad?"


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