Sunday, May 4, 2014

Last Week and Birthday Fun

Aaron beat majestic chess!

So he started making his own games in Inkscape

Aaron poising as "Illinois"

Birthday banner

Trying to blow up birthday balloons

Birthday breakfast


Birthday funny lunch.
Pineapple sofa, with snickers pillows, kiwi family.

Awww, we're so cute. Yes, the grumpy kiwi is Andrew.
He requested the frown for family portrait accuracy.

Birthday garland. The boys made lots of decorations.
Alexander gave mommy a picture he drew.
Andrew made a "9 Little Pigs Book."

Birthday helpers. All of the boys worked together
so mommy didn't have to do any diapers, laundry, or dishes.
Aaron also gave mommy "artifacts" that
turn him into a cleaning machine that does different jobs.
(Because regular chore coupons are not nearly imaginative enough for him.)

Andrew conducting an orchestra in 3/4 time.
1,2,3...1,2,3 triangles

Working on birthday secrets

The boys stuck hearts all over the house for mommy

Alexander loves, loves, loves to read!

This is a new game to help the boys get their wiggles out.

"The Running, Wiggle, Dance" involves putting classical music on
for like 5-15 minutes and then moving as much as possible for the time it is on.

Inevitably, the boys turn into composers and Beethoven becomes a scary guy
who chases Hayden, Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi around the room. 

Sewing some presents to take back to America.


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  1. What a lovely birthday party! I'm sure it was very happy!