Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Week

Amazing deal on discount fruit this week.
All this for about 1.5 USD.
We've never had so much dragon fruit.

Andrew started trying to play more chess/majestic chess lately.

Baby is ready to go!

Rotated the books and the boys read all day long.

Bubble fun

Chess and board games were very popular with everyone this week.

Two games going at once

We got over the plague,
so we had Mother's day chicken dinner, yum!


Boys have been playing with their new dishes a lot.

First they had one box for a counter and a pillow table

Funny lid face

Then the boys made a whole kitchen out of boxes.
(Cooking counter with cabinet below, table, sink, and refrigerator)

Aaron washing dishes in box sink
with tape measure faucet

Table set

Refrigerator with lots of drawers
(like a they are here) and play food in it

Andrew washing dishes

They also went on a picnic

Andrew made a scavenger hunt for everyone

Nate got upcycled (and puke free!) slippers this week

Happy early Father's Day dear!

Then because they are boys the cookware becomes armor

En garde!

And because they are our boys,
they become Beethoven battling other composers when Beethoven's 5th plays.

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  1. Looks like you've been having a lot of fun with games and your new play kitchen! I especially like the picture of the battling composers!