Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day and the Stomach Flu

(If you don't like stomach flu stories skip down a bit.)

Sunday, Anna was at class and all the guys did laundry and cleaned the house for a present. The house was sparkling clean! (If we believed in jinxing things... we wouldn't clean again.)

Monday we started celebrating Mother's Day...

And then the puking started...

No pictures taken, you're welcome.

First Andrew, then Aaron, then Alexander.

Thankfully, Andrew and Aaron just got sick once and then slept it off. Daddy gallantly cleaned all that up since it was supposed to be Mothers Day.

Poor baby got sick all night long and was definitely a two person job to take care of.

But by morning he was keeping down liquids and trying to play like normal...

Only he did this a few times,
take a nap on the floor in the middle of playing.
This time we didn't have the heart to move him.
Next day mommy looked like that in bed from the flu,
but not as cute.

A couple days later everyone was feeling better, but still tired.
Andrew fell asleep while cleaning the table. (We did move him:)

We almost had to burn the bathrooms to sterilize them,
but now they've never been cleaner.

Things are getting back to normal around here

Aaron practicing the risky (but impressive sounding)
Halloween Gambit chess opening against a human player (Daddy).

Cutie pie

Feels better again, so thankful!

Andrew and his tricky egg

Andrew helping mommy test window crayons and draw on windows.

Andrew says, "Mommy it looks like you wrote your memoir."
Son you have no idea how profound you are sometimes.

Andrew made a hiding place

Bubbly Explore

Baby building

Andrew coloring carefully

Robot Turtles!

Birthday and Mother's day "artifacts" to turn Aaron into a cleaning machine.

So we started to get out a few things to pack for America.

Mommy wanted the older two boys to try on backpacks...

Baby decided both fit him perfectly and he was ready to go.

We tried some tiny plums (that is a teaspoon) this week.

No Gatorade here, but we do have Watermelon slushies!

Baby likes plums and watermelon slushies

Family singing time just got rhythm (and louder)

Chocolate Mother's day ice cream cake face



Aaron painted very carefully this time

Winnie looks just like a pooh bear should

Andrew decided this time everything should be muddy

At the beach

(Andrew really wants to build a sandcastle in America.)

Alexander likes to take off his socks

Aaron swimming

Our bare toes for the beach. Andrew says, "I already have bear toes!"

Go hang up laundry, come back and Andrew built a sand castle.
At least it wasn't real sand...

Puzzle fun

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  1. So sorry to hear that you were sick! Glad things are getting back to normal!