Sunday, December 21, 2014

Andrew's Birthday

Aaron and Andrew made little robot action figures for Andrew

Bot builder present from mom and dad

Robot coloring and paper games

Computer chips and spaghetti code lunch

Cuddle bot mom made

He is not high tech, but he does zip, button, snap and velcro

Little robo astronauts need to be careful when blasting off

A "real" robot, thanks Grandma Sharla and Grandpa John

Opening videos, books, coloring and activity books, colored pencils and
a jelly bean water gun. Thanks Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jeff!

Pin the hand on the robot

Playing there's a mouse in the house, new birthday game

The "intelligent conversation robot" was quickly named shooter. And he
is a very cool toy. He talks, rolls, dances, tells stories, shoots suction cup
darts, tells the temperature, repeats back what you say in a chipmunk voice,
and more. Definitely a hit!

Robot heads

Robot pinata was defeated! Aaron gathered up handfuls of candy
and kept running them back to his treat can, while Andrew and Alexander
 sat down in the middle of the candy and ate one piece at a time. :)
We evened up the candy distribution a little bit later on.

Robot multiplication

Treat bags

Blast off!

Everybody loves shooter

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  1. What a lot of robots! Looks like it was great fun!