Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Week

Making Paper Snowflakes

Making paper chain

Making chocolate chip cookies

Aaron's knex ninja star mace weapon

Blindfold game as part of Jesse tree book illustration activity

Andrew's where in the world is Carmen Sandiego game (paper version)

Andrew's been drawing a lot

Andrew used all the Christmas stickers so I gave these dots to Aaron
 to make something with. He got really creative and used the
dots to make lights and garlands on a Christmas tree!

Licking the chocolate pan

And it's cold so let's just relive a little summertime cuteness for a moment...

Cousin ipad bonding

No caption adequately captures this cuteness
Happy Weekend!

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  1. You guys are going great school work! I love your writing, Aaron! And Andrew, your pictures are wonderful! You are a good artist!