Saturday, March 7, 2015

This Week

Aaron's Middle Earth Battle Story to Cheer Grandma Up
By Aaron
The fight with Saron.

First some white wizards fought. After some of those fell elves came to help.
Then a big black bear came and crushed goblins and wargs.
Then the bear went home.
Now it was time to fight Saron. The dwarfs broke sword on his armor.
But eventually Saron's armor broke. Then Gandolf shot him.
The End

Alexander says, "Here Mom! it's a good one, lasers!"

Andrew likes the poptarts our friend brought us.
"Look strawberry inside!

Andrew has been getting much more interested in chess.

Boy bicep curl

Using different size weights

We found the part about compound leaves Grandpa Jeff!

Composer trivia

Candyland lasers of course

There is so much canola around it grows like weeds

Aaron (above) and Andrew (below) are getting better and better at tracing

Defending the high ground like a citadel city

Aaron did a great job with this Easter book activity
This is a meek man getting attacked

But later he gets his reward

Minimized Cookie Minion Powers (The Fruit)
By Andrew

They help you get better when you are sick because they have medicine inside.
These are a fruit. You should always eat them with the fork that is included in the wooden/plastic/metal package.
If you eat them right caramel gets stuck on your teeth, all your sicknesses disappear, and you turn into a king.
If you don't eat them properly chocolate chips get stuck in your nose.
But don't worry there is also a nose brush included in the package to get the chocolate chips out if you made a mistake.
It is just a nose brush you never brush your teeth with is, so it is a clean thing to do.
These are very tasty. They taste like fruit. The recipe for them is chocolate milk, paper Lincoln logs, half a banana, a slice of apple, a piece of orange, and a slice of pear.

Aaron's getting good at frisbee

Super tux cart follow the leader race

We got Nate a new wallet a Paolo

Random couch outside

Simple leaf with entire margin

Singing and dancing

Supposed better choice

The Everyday: Cleaning up after lunch

What color is he wearing?
Very close to the mystery dress

Also we've known we see colors differently for years
What color do you think this cup is?

And what color is the print of this fabric?

You will discover what you want

"Helping daddy work"


  1. Looks like you boys have been busy! I love Andrew's stories and Aaron's homework and Alexander's drawings. I especially like the composer trivia!
    Love Grandma Sharla

  2. I think the cup and the fabrics are blue! Am I right?