Saturday, March 14, 2015

This Week

A boy and his trains

Aaron worked extra hard at piano to earn more piano dollars and bought s slinky

And I just love this picture because the boy plays as hard as he works

Take a picture of me mama!
Alexander and 1 kg of stuffing
1 kg is a lot of stuffing :)

Alexander loves to help in the kitchen, especially baking cookies

Andrew tried, tried again until he beat Magnus at age five on the App

Box train fun

Aaron still cruising through hard math!

Alexander's "school work"

Aaron and Andrew wanted to paint clovers
I bet you can figure out which choose green and which choose multicolored

Alexander for the first time got pretty much all the paint on paper instead of himself!

The rug we ordered as a family Christmas present finally came and the boys were so excited
they immediately started doing somersaults before we even got it all the way into place.

Living room before
Alternate caption: why sit when you can wiggle while playing with a tablet

Also the best way to do math

We also upgraded the big boys beds

We got a foam mattress (which is a story all in itself) for Andrew's side,
got new full size mosquito nets, and built a custom frame
to fit the unusual bunk-beds out of pvc pipe

Also the dehumidifier, new duvet cover, and mosquito net for the parents bed we ordered also finally came

The boys made Anna pictures while she was away at class

The Everyday: Memory work and rewards

Aaron worked really hard to beat the Mangus app at age nine
if you want you can view the game here.

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