Saturday, March 28, 2015

This Week

Aaron built a knex airplane

Aaron read to Alexander for Alexander's daily reading the day mommy was gone.

Alexander is getting good at reading!
Flawless on the Pets Reading Cards stack!

He loves to read books again too.
He really likes Curious George the very naughty monkey.

Alexander made his own version of chess

We're almost to Easter!

Andrew beat Super Tux Kart for the first time

Andrew made a knex stingray

Andrew practiced really hard at piano this week and earned a slinky

This week we spent a lot of time looking at possible buildings

This lady showed us a different building and then showed us this local boarding school kindergarten in another building she owns

Nate built a lego chess set and Aaron is trying to organize a family chess tournament

While out looking at buildings we saw many interesting things.
This one person "car" was one.
Alexander called it a toy car.

Playing Traverse

We finally found our little friend

And we saw a rainbow

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