Sunday, July 5, 2015

Boy's School from a Couple Weeks Ago

Legend of Alexander the Great and Bucephalus

Buchephalus was a horse that Alexander the Great wanted his dad to buy him,
but no one could ride him. His dad said if Alexander could ride the horse Alexander could have him.
Alexander saw Bucephalus was afraid of his shadow and rode him so he didn't see it.
So he got the horse.

By Alexander the Great
(After we read about Alexander the Great
Alexander kept walking around saying,
:"I the great. I the Great!")

The last assignment in our plant science book was to write a poem like this about plants.
First Andrew pouted a lot because he couldn't include animals.
But then he came up with a great poem, then he turned it into a song,
and now he walks around singing it off of his "music sheet"
every chance he gets.

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