Sunday, July 5, 2015

Last Week

Aaron's snow fort plans

Andrew made choices of houses for when he grows up.
This is a tree house.

This is a house on the hill.

This is a country house.

A game Andrew made.

Covers of books boys made Nate.

"Andrew's color wheel"

Teaching the boys about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.
Andrew says, "Primary, secondary, and........ I don't think turkey feet."

Aaron building his walled city

Aaron doing math

Taking a break from regular book science this week and doing color mixing experiments.

Color mixing in milk

Boys thought color mixing in the potty was pretty much the coolest thig ever.

Defrosted our freezer and had a snowball fight

Egg issues this week, accidentally bought salted duck eggs

Thankfully they let us exchange them for chicken eggs

Also the impetus to defrost the freezer, was actually need to defrost the five eggs
frozen to the fridge.

Helpful boys making tortillas

We had mini Olympics with our boys on the 4th

Foot races


Long jump


Obstacles course

Patriotic breakfast

Patriotic color mixing drink

Patriotic PBJ
We had a indoor picnic at the school because it was raining.

Singing and dancing

"There and back again"
Possibly for the last time for class

4ish hours on the train each way.
Time for a lot of reading.

This is such a funny spot where you have to walk under the road and
you really have to know where you are going or you get lost in the turnabouts.

That lady on the right stared at me so long while I was washing my hands,
I had to take a picture.

Headed home


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