Friday, July 31, 2015

This Week

"I grumpy."

Aaron reading history to Andrew (while Andrew builds swords).

So proud he can do some laundry all by himself

Here is one rack Alexander did all by himself

Alexander's coloring

Andrew chose the science experiment (water logged rocks)

See how many marbles the paper towel can hold dry

Then drop water drops on it

and see if it can hold the same

Of course it breaks
(The boys loved this experiment and did it three times.
Perhaps just because they don't get to use paper towels often?)

Andrew colored this cat to look very much like the cat on the coloring book cover

Andrew drew this great birthday cake.
Perhaps he is the next Dr. Suess?

Andrew's chess tutorial diagrams
(How to attack!
And how to stalemate when it seems all is lost.)
{Don't you feel more informed now?}

Condensation window art

Grandpa Jeff reading The Sword in the Tree

Groovy Grandparents showing a video to three grandsons

Nate spent a lot of time traveling and doing paperwork,
but he still found time to color with Alexander.

And Nate also took all the boys raspberry picking.
We made a peach-raspberry pie.
Andrew thought it should say I Love you on the top.

Rediscovered the magnetic Winnie-the-Poohs from Uncle Nathaniel.
Aaron decided to wear his.

Sometimes you need an easy dinner.

Three squishy cube chairs made for the playroom at the school.

The older two are trying to get full use out of their free chess site memberships.

They've been watching lots of videos and lessons and playing lots of puzzles and games.

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