Sunday, August 23, 2015

Last Two Weeks

Alexander really wants to read bigger books like his big brothers.
Not quite there yet.

Andrew finished Charlotte's Web

Andrew has been really into chess lately

And of course Aaron always is

Finished all of the storage bins for the boys clothes.
Now each boy has a nice bin for tops and bottoms.

Funny hat boys talking to grandparents


Aaron wrote words derived from Latin and
 drew when Rome was declining and the emperor lived in a swamp.

Alexander helping dry dishes.
Alternative label, why we have non-breakable dishes.

This guy is so proud that he can help with the laundry now.
Here he is with a clip rack he filled all by himself.

Alexander's drawings

Alexander had some big news to share with his grandparents

Andrew's history project

We went to the chicken nugget restaurant to celebrate getting our visas

The boys did color wonder pictures on our recent bus trip.
This is Aaron's picture.



The three boys worked together to make this fruit salad

A new thing here is this fruit with a face.
I think it is kind of creepy personally.

Mini keyboard marching band

Playdough dinos

Also made a pumpkin cake with buttercream frosting to celebrate

Science quizes

Aaron's drawing of body systems

Andrew's drawing of body systems

Thanks for the sticker's Grandma Mary!

Also what happens when you get the five-year-old to pick out an outfit for the

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