Sunday, August 9, 2015

This Week

Aaron turned himself into a camera. Here he is "taking pictures."

Alexander's coloring

Both reading Little House books

Andrew was pretty excited to finish his first piano book

Andrew drew Cheetah Bear City

Andrew drew a Bakson

Baking soda mixing with vinegar

Will create carbon dioxide and blow up a balloon

Building and playing of the Hobbit memory game

Creating static electricity

And attracting confetti

Alexander was so cute. He wanted to write letters to the Grandparents too.
So he diligently tried his best to write "A, D, L, and M."

So we made some more business progress this past week. Nate got the official stamp for our business,
and some other official book, and we all got very official pictures taken. This is where we started to try to get our pictures taken, but we ended up having to go to another place. Funny story, but too long for here. At least the kids were really good sports about our adventure.

Grape skin monster

Aaron's history drawings. Romans plundering the temple and the dispersion of the Jews.

Andrew drew the birth, death, and life of History's Central Character.

Love train

So on our adventure to get our pictures taken, we also took the kids to the park to make it more fun.

And the park is really pretty right now

The older two also got to bounce in the bounce house.
Alexander fell asleep, but perhaps it was for the best as he might have gotten trampled.

It is a huge bounce house.

Tea party

Towels for the business.
Now we just need a sink or a bucket, and something to hang the towel on...

Kids like moving pictures

They'll even watch political speeches with rapt attention

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  1. Boy, it looks like you guys had a fun week (now a couple weeks ago). That park with the giant bounce house looks amazing! And all the experiments and games you guys play - like blowing up a balloon with carbon dioxide - are so cool. I hope you are all doing well!