Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Peak into Our Week

Aaron helping to make lotion,
and learning about different melting points, emulsification, etc.

Aaron's playdough cerebrum
Aaron snapped a picture of mom's playdough brain model


And spunky..

So sweet

The majority of the pictures I took of her this week had motion blur,
because this girl is on the move.

I just want to dive headfirst onto stone tile.
Why are you stopping me?"

Alexander was wanting time alone with mom,
so they made cookies all by themselves.
Alexander was a big helper.

"Look at the candy kiss cookies!
I like making cookies with you mom.
Mom, you have time for me!"

He is such a character!
And getting so much better at reading.

He got a perfect 10/10 on Fruit 2 this week when just 2 weeks ago
he barely knew 2 of this set.

Also hilarious.

Andrew love Life of Fred Math,
and I think he is learning a lot too.

Andrew helped make dinner one night.

Pizza rolls and carrot sticks

He is really good with his baby sister.

Carrot stick pacifier.
Her favorite thing lately.

But funnels are also fun.

Making playdough

Scooting cutie

Snack truck stopped right in front of our house today.
The machine in the back of the truck is what makes those
non-cheesy cheeto like snacks.
Factory and shop in one!

Hardest part of Aaron's (6th grade) math?
Handwriting. Oh and writing out the work, which is also handwriting.
So much like his mom...

By the way, sorry mom.

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