Saturday, September 3, 2016

This Week

He's warming up to baby sister

Aaron built a Hobbit hole

Aaron's History
Grand Canal built during China's Sui Dynasty

Aaron math art
Different types of triangles as rainbirds

Using carrots for chopsticks

Aaron's map for Grandpa Jeff

Alexander and the too sticky pizza dough

Alexander playing Chess Commentator
(Coach Sam vs. Komodo game)

Alexander grape chipmunk cheeks

Alexander keeps begging for more school jobs

Andrew and Aaron's muscle diagrams

Andrew finished all of the Little House books,
read the 1st Boxcar Children and more this week

Andrew History
Grand Canal built during China's Sui Dynasty

Andrew likes to help take care of Abigail

Andrew's things he has hands for

Perhaps the best apple pie ever

Boys helping make the best candy apple pie

Boys notes from nightly reading.
It is helping Andrew focus and remember better.

The boys wrote each other notes this week

Everyone loves Life of Fred

Family Movie Night:
Little House on the Prairie

Good thing Nate is strong,
holding these two while singing and dancing is hard work.

King's Quest convention

Abigail likes her new bamboo diapers

The boys were still practicing on their own,
but now we're restarting piano lessons after a little break.

Alexander is starting Mozart mouse book 1 and is thrilled!

Aaron's glad he has hands for these things

Science experiments showing how specialized hands and feet are:
It is hard to walk on hands and write with feet.

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