Saturday, September 17, 2016

Last Week

Aaron's handwriting

Aaron helped make baked apples

Aaron trying to train baby sister to chase a car on a string

Handsome Aaron after a haircut and growing up too fast

Aaron made a king puppet out of playdough

Aaron math
(math shapes and LOF super challenge)

Grew a lot since last December

"Mom, I'm making items!"

King's quest influence on playdough creations

Amazing that now I can "attend" a homeschool conference
while unpacking world traveling (and watching babies)!

Andrew and Aaron History of the Franks

Andrew is getting better and more involved in chess

Andrew math

5 horses plus 8 horses equals 13 horses
Andrew drawing them = knights with swords

Big helpers with the laundry

"Do you like my chevron?"
Gotta love this not quite 4 year old's vocab.

They built a computer for Sam the stuffed dog.
Here Aaron is typing.

Here he is using the dog shaped "mouse"

Daddy also helped build a house for Sam

He is really proud of his reading progress (we are too).
Alexander is learning new words everyday now it seems.
Here he got 20/20 on Actions 2!

Quiche man!
He stabs the quiche! He forks the quiche! He conquers the quiche!
Also, he eats more than everyone else, three pieces!!!

Reason 887 to teach early reading...

The 6 year old can read classic children's novels to baby while you are cleaning.

Someday I hope to get through haircuts without tears.
No idea why the biggest one was sad this time.
Ironically, the younger two did great! That is something at least.

Triumphing over King's Quest!

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