Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cool Fruit, New Shoes, Lots of Chess, and Other Tales

Middle of the night Chess University lesson

Aaron History:
Caravan across the dessert

Aaron math shapes

Aaron semi-blindfolded playing


Aaron science

Starting 7th grade math book!

Teaching Abigail chess

Aaron won 1st!

Bought Abigail her first shoes

Sort of sitting

Abigail's first bite

Mashed potatoes

Alexander got the stomach flu first (later the rest of us got it)
He enjoyed watching his birthday videos...

from both sets of grandparents a lot though.
Thank so much!

Andrew science

Alexander's map of the world

Andrew handwriting

Andrew history:
Caravan across the desert

Andrew's map of the cheetah-bear world to ours

Andrew math

Andrew piano

Banana bread helper

Catching up from the stomach flu.
Grateful for the clothes dryer. It helped a lot.

Conquered Europe!

Cool fruit

Purple dragon fruit smoothie

Cool dude

Making diaper covers for baby #4 with pattern still from #1

Sometimes the view out our window still amazes me

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