Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Grandpa John!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!
Love, Abigail

Birthday Blessings from Alexander

"A beautiful rainbow I painted all by myself!"
By Alexander

Clockwise from the top:
Brown Grandpa John exercising,
Grandpa John with balloons,
Grandpa John exercising again,
Grandpa John being silly
by Alexander

Pompa made an explosion and then the purple guys clean it up for you.

Happy Birthday!
I love you!

Andrew made this map and a birthday story for you.

The History of the Bronze, Smalls, and Oranges

By Andrew Rugg

A long, long, time ago the Bronze land was big and the Oranges did not have much land. For 16 years the Orange's land shrunk more and more. Every time they fought the Bronze they lost more land. After 16 years the Orange's allies arrived from across the sea. Now the Bronze land was shrinking. The Bronze fought for land but all they could get was one single dot in the country. The only problem was that it was hard to travel from that dot to the other part of Bronze. So the people inside the dot decided to turn away from the Bronze and made allies with oranges and named their kingdom Smalls.
The End

Happy Birthday!
Love, Andrew

Game by Aaron
(Get from the purple X to the green 0, each time you get a picture dot you get a weapon or a carrot)

Happy Birthday Hammer Card
by Aaron

Inside the card
Love, Aaron

Happy Birthday Grandpa John!

We all hope you have a very wonderful birthday!

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  1. Wow, that is an amazing story, Andrew! And a lovely picture of a rainbow, Alexander. And, Aaron, your game looks so cool!