Saturday, November 5, 2016

Treats from the Grandparents, Fun Video Lessons, and Other Tales

Aaron has been really nice to Abigail lately.
Here he shared his star sunglasses and then took a picture of her wearing them.

Do you know what this vegetable is?
I didn't at first.

Spinach is packaged pretty differently here.

But it is still really tasty.
Art class videos
Aaron art- contour drawings looking at object not page

More from Aaron

Thanks for the box of goodies from America grandma and grandpa!

Aaron won a tournament online

And he made himself a trophy
(semi-ironic how the 8-year-old won a tournament probably playing mostly adults
and then built himself a Duplo trophy)

Abigail cuteness (especially for all of the grandmas and great grandmas)

Alexander art- contour line drawings (of apples)

Andrew art- contour line drawings looking at object not paper

Andrew made you a chess puzzle. You can play it right here.

Thanks for the pudding!

Kids were loving the Latin videos this week.
A silly monkey makes anything entertaining.

Piano lesson fun

Numbering fingers

Science- lung volume test

Thanks so much for the treats grandma and grandpa!

"Why did grandpa give us presents on his birthday?" -Alexander
Andrew got up early and then fell asleep again with his glasses on.
And a brother put the knex robot on top of him.

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