Friday, December 23, 2016

Andrew's Birthday

Thanks to everyone for helping to make Andrew's birthday special.

Andrew said he had "the best birthday ever!"

And even Alexander was asking when Andrew gets to have his next birthday. :)

Presents from brothers



Non-Pinterest pinata, but each boy got to defeat a spider and a dragon

Cutting down the Mirkwood spiders' webs

Presents from parents

Battle chess

Presents from parents journal of westmarch, Bilbo, and stuffed Sting the dagger

Andrew's journal of westmarch

Nate put in some maps and story started

Hobbit hole cake

Cool shirt!
Thanks Grandparents!

Andrew showing off the decorations

Alexander colored the dragons and spiders

Andrew helped color decorations and did a really good job.

Non-Pinteresty but funny bathroom door sign

Birthday mac 'n cheese
And Happiest boy ever

Baby was pretty happy too

Birthday play

Cool wall stickers and shirt!
Thanks grandparents!


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