Saturday, December 3, 2016

Decorations, Drawings, Banana Baby, and Other Tales

Aaron art: shoe and nativity guy

Aaron art: shoe and nativity guy

Aaron history: printing press

Aaron science

Finished human body science book!

Abigail loves swords

En guarde!

Abigail's Area

Just made her some new fuzzy purple sheets.

Alexander wanted to use a computer and one wasn't available,
so he made his own laptop!
(The top is the screen and the bottom is the keyboard)

Alexander made mommy a map of "your house and my house."

Alexander's sticker pictures

Andrew art class: nativity people contour drawings

Andrew art class: shoe contour drawings

Andrew finished science too!

Banana baby


Almost had to made new stockings this year,
 because I couldn't find the coordinating ones I made before,
eventually found these.
A lot of times I (Anna) wish I were as organized as  my mom.
Or that I could even remember what continent I left things on sometimes.

Made a new advent calendar this year.
The old one got wrecked.
This one still uses the ornaments from our book.
We like how it turned out.

Made these wooden snowmen when we were a family of four.
Now we have four kids. ;)

Making PB cookies

"The real romantics are the boring ones-
they let another heart bore a hole deep into theirs."
 Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way

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  1. Love it! I just read an interview with Ann Voskamp!