Saturday, December 10, 2016

Brothers, Butter, Blindfolds, and Other Tales

Aaron playing Evie in blindfold chess

Kids are great about changing up their positions all the time.
Here Aaron is using his tablet.

Abigail picking (a book) from her stocking

Abigail is getting better at sitting

Abigail's first cookie


"Hmmm, wonder why everyone likes these so much?"

Abigail's funny snorty face

Alexander made a mote and a bridge

Alexander teaching the tiny pooh bears Reading Cards.

"Now that says smile Pooh Bear!"

Andrew drew a flag for the boys' secret club.
It is Knights playing chess.

Christmas cocoa, cookies, and crafts

Baby gets banana and spoons instead of cocoa and scissors

Doing one of the activities from our Christmas book.
"Find the door blindfolded"

They always like this activity.

Yea, our food arrived!
33 pounds of cheese, 15 pounds of butter, and some other things.

Lest we get to fancy around here, the pasta and sauce arrived a bit banged up. :)

All the boys helped repackage the cheese.
"Mom, we're cheese workers!" said Andrew.

Since the arrival of butter we've been making lots of cookies.
Chocolate chip walnut cookies got a big smile.

And so did sugar cookies

On the Weekends Nate has been helping the boys learning programming
by making their own text based adventure game.
 (bonding, computer class, and a sneaky way to inspire spelling practice)

Pompa's brothers Doodlier, Noodlier, and Joodlier

Strong Super Hero blasting bubble bullets

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