Saturday, February 18, 2017

Be My Valentine, Chair Hunt, Ah Memories, Canola Hike, and Other Tales

Good morning Valentine hug from Andrew

Abigail was pretty skeptical of the lovebugs

Girls are different!

She warmed up eventually

I love cheesecake!

Robot Turtles Return!

Prefect Valentine's activity

Inside our 6-passenger scooter-in-a-box vehicle

Aaron History: Defenestration Illustration
AKA 2 guys get thrown in a poop pile and start a war
AKA 7 and 8 year-old boys favorite history lesson ever

Aaron reading a chess book to Abigail

Aaron writing

Alexander guy with sword drawing
(one of many, many this week)

Andrew earned a slap bracelet from piano lessons

Andrew made everyone Valentines.
This is the one he made for Abigail.
She clearly enjoyed (trying to eat) it.

Andrew writing

Abigail loves books


So we had a canola field hiking (mis)adventure this week.
Here we are starting out with the accountants friends.

Lots of tents for honey making.
Note: foreshadowing

The accountants thought going on this walk thing would be good publicity
for the business, because there were lots of people there.

The canola fields are pretty.

And we did get lots of photo ops.

Lots and lots!
It started to get old (especially for the kids) when we could walk more than a few feet
without getting our picture taken.

Outdoor sports association flag

Never seen so many selfie sticks before in my life.
Also even with the sticks, I'm still TOO TALL!
I had to keep half-squatting to get in the frame with the lovely ladies
wanting pictures.

So we stuck with it through tons of pictures.
But eventually we started getting chased by tons of bees.
Running from bees while carrying kids made this experience considerably less fun.
Although Aaron and Andrew seemed to have more fun running.
Nate got stung several times and then poor Alexander got stung once.
After Alexander got stung we asked them to call a car to take us back,
because we really didn't want the kids stung.
They blamed the bees stinging on the orange sweaters the two
who got stung wore. Does anyone know if orange make bees angry?

Boys had more fun playing around after the walk.

That's more like it.

No bees.
We are so thankful that we didn't get any more stings and that baby didn't get any.

Another adventure we had this week was hunting for chairs for the business
in used furniture stores.

This made me remember needing so much help to buy furniture when we first moved to this side of the world.
Even when things seem to be progressing slowly, we have come a long way from those early days.

This shop was also these people's home.
Makes us grateful for ours.

We paid extra for delivery. Cool tractor truck delivery.
Alexander and Andrew helped bring the chairs inside.

Big helpers!

Here is what we call Fabric Alley.
AKA the only place you can buy new fabric in town.
As long as you are not in a hurry and don't need a big selection it is great.

Lion climbers

New grocery store still getting new things.

Quaker Oats spotting in town!
Actually, the Australian oats we usually get are just fine.
It did make me remember when the first town we lived in got Snickers
and this town got sponges for the first time and we were so excited. 
Glad this is not my job

Only vending machine we've ever seen here.

Well it took him a few tries to persevere to the end, but he finished the Fellowship of the Ring!
Also, Andrew's theory for why the book now needs tape:
"Well, this book is really old, we got it when I was like 4 1/2."

We hope you all had a lovely week!

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