Saturday, February 25, 2017

Presidential Fun, Crazy Chess, and Other Tales

Aaron getting Abigail to watch Fumaster Mike Chess videos

Presidents' Day Fun

This hair is less tasty than it looks

Rest day fun

Aaron history

Aaron Math

Aaron science

Aaron writing

Unhhh, Unhh!
Translates to:
"Read to me! Read to me!"

Baby girls loves to read.
And yes that is yesterday's laundry still waiting for me to fold it.
Baby with book first. Laundry later.

Alexander drew a lot of men with swords again this week.
Here are two of many drawings.

He also painted a lot.

And he made Tux a birthday present.

Alexander helping shop

Alexander writing poetry with help

Andrew handwriting

Andrew's history
(yes spelling could use some focus time later this year)

Andrew math

Andrew science

Andrew's adventure outfit and Graham face
(Also, it is cute he likes his pants more now that they are patched with a shield than
he did before they ever got a hole.)

Andrew art

Aaron art

Chess-filled day

Tournament of the stuffed animals

Mommy playing? Yep.

And again.

Really thinking now.

4 chess games in one evening is a new record.

The new grocery store has frozen and wrapped meat.
We made chicken for the first time in this city this week.

Daddy's glasses are so cool.

Funmaster Mike again!

Homemade croissants are amazing. Definitely worth trying.

I'm a big girl now!


Progress on the business building

Slow but coming

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