Saturday, February 11, 2017

Canola Fields, Family Fun, Growing Up, and Other Tales

Here is a close up of  Abigail's hair

This is Andrew's secret club outfit

Boys making sandstone sculpture for science class

This truck got stuck and almost completely blocked the tunnel.

"Granola fields are blooming!" -Alexander

It is so beautiful here when the sun is shining,
the sky is clear to see the mountains,
 and the canola fields are blooming.

Here you can see the city and the karsts in the background.

Abigail's first time to play on the grassy hill

Aaron history

Aaron crocheted Abigail a heart necklace.
So sweet!

Aaron writing

Abigail says so many things.
She loves to ask for "more" and "banana."
Although, sometimes banana means any kind of food handy.

Alexander blowing up Greenfield Math

Alexander being a dragon, and Abigail charming a dragon.

Alexander is growing up so much.
Now for his daily reading he can choose a story or 3 full vs. and
he can read most of the full version himself.

Also, he was so happy he completed a  whole real chess game.
He "beat daddy" but I think daddy may have been playing left handed.

Alexander's coloring

Andrew history

Andrew writing

Andrew's directions for Cheetah-bear
Chocolate-Chip Minion Cookies


Boys painting sandstone

Aaron made swords and armor and a delicate arch.

Andrew made a knight on a horse and a chess knight.

Alexander made Rugrats and Rooks pawns.

Lots of love notes floating around the house right now.

Watching these art classes takes me back to my art classes
as a girl with Mrs. Abar.

Cleaning the business building

Boys carrying wood

Starting to decorate

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