Sunday, March 12, 2017

Past 2 Weeks

Caught pink-footed cart climbing

Aaron science

Aaron writing: Mate Cinquain Poem

Alexander's games

Alexander has been drawing a ton lately. Mostly fighting guys.
Here are a few of many.

He also keeps asking for more schoolwork.
(To be like his brothers)

Andrew history: The Taj Mahal

Andrew math: LOF Honey CH. 8 Short Cowboy

Andrew writing: Cinquain Poem Goblin Attack

Box from Uncle arrived!
It just barely fit in our vehicle. :)

Boys loved the laser pegs obviously.

Aaron built his all by himself!

Science project: Chocolate chip mining

Almost as valuable as gold around here and twice as tasty

This baby!

She wants to be big and help with everything so much.
Here she is trying to help fold laundry.
She also gets into everything too right now.

More Alexander games

History: Fire of London pictures

All the boys loved the pictures from Kinley.
Alexander made this for Kinley.

This is also a picture for Kinley from Alexander

Slime project

Slime alternative- silicone lids

Watching Rugrats and Rooks

Writing: Haiku

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