Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to both sets of grandparents and a special Uncle and Aunt!

Aaron made you all a word search

Abigail sends you a smile

And a wink!

Alexander drew Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jeff on their wedding day.
"Grandpa Jeff is the big one with lots of hair."

Grandma Sharla and Grandpa John 

Uncle Nathaniel and Aunt Mary

Andrew drew Grandma Mary and  Grandpa Jeff

Grandma Sharla and Grandpa Jeff

And a maze for you all
And last but certainly not least Aaron also made you a wedding chess puzzle.

Break through the pawns to get a queen!

 We all hope you have a wonderful day! Love you!

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  1. So awesome!!! Thank you, Aaron, Andrew, Alexander and Abigail!!! Love you so much!