Sunday, August 20, 2017

Recent Pictures

Abigail loves to read just like Mommy 

This picture drawing game was definitely the favorite of everyone.

And they always wanted to divide boys against girls.
And here I am saying "In English" over and over again.

Air Jotdan on break

No artificial color, no filter!
Purple dragon fruit beats everything, even all the blended greens in that cup.

So clearly our grand opening happened a while ago...
wondering if it is bad luck to clean these away?
We keep getting told not to clean up anything. :)

Elbow dimples!

Figured out how to make the shark game much more fun....
having students "rescue" a classmate.
Although, a few of the boys seemed to be on the shark's side.

I want to do chess puzzles too!

Naptime for all the babies

New pi kids computer

"I like pink!"

The pronunciation listening game was so hard for most of the kids.

Science experiment showing the loss of energy...
and Aaron kind of trying to get hit by the yo-yo.

Will it hit me?

Sigh-smile of relief

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