Thursday, August 3, 2017

Recent Pictures

When did Alexander get so big?

We had a free English activity at the park for publicity.

Aaron is very competitive, even at duck, duck, goose.

Red Rover is hard to say

We drew a big crowd

After dark other people were lighting paper lanterns

They go pretty high

Games from first session

Trying to get the kids to tell about themselves

Alexander shyly telling about his family

Hello, my name is...

Baby friends at the business

Nate ate at the hot pot restaurant with the taxi driver

Oddly they had french fries

And not spicy was pretty spicy

The rest of us ate at KFC, but we passed on the hairy black burger buns.

Abigail enjoying her first ice cream sundae

Very occasionally the kids will beg to watch a whole semester of Latin videos
and fold the laundry without be asked

Abigail trying to help

Picking raspberry pie

Watching a show with their stuffed friends

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  1. Wow, it looks like you guys had quite a publicity event! And the classes look really successful, too! I hope you are enjoying those things and they haven't been too stressful!